Product Care


  • Only wash when necessary. Often airing or spot cleaning is enough. When an item requires washing use warm water
  • ( maximum 30’C ) and a mild detergent ( I recommend Ecover ).
  • HANDWASH only using a gentle action to avoid shrinkage and felting. Do not rub or wring and avoid extremes of temperature.
  • After rinsing, roll in a clean towel, ease into shape and dry naturally. DO NOT tumble dry. The item may then be steam ironed on a low to medium setting.
  • Spot clean bags and purses, or dry clean.

Linen & Silk

  • Linen becomes softer and more absorbent with each wash.
  • Linen and silk may be machine washed at low temperatures or handwash using a mild detergent, do not twist or scrub as this may damage the fibres.
  • Air dry and press whilst still damp with a medium iron to remove any wrinkles, or dampen a tea towel and place over the fabric before ironing.
  • For naturally dyed items please use a ph neutral soap and dry away from direct sunlight to preserve colour.
  • Handwash naturally dyed and eco dyed silk.
  • If storing your handwoven items for extended periods make sure they are clean and dry and place in a sealed box or zip bag to protect from moth damage. Store naturally dyed items away from strong sunlight.