About Us

Jo Mitchell – designer/weaver

I’ve always loved yarn. As a child, my mother had a friend who owned a wool shop, we would often go there after school and I loved the wonderful array of yarns, the colours, the textures, even the smell! My mother taught me to knit, patiently picking up all my dropped stitches.

Years later after moving from Wales to the West of Ireland my interest in textiles was rekindled. I taught myself to spin my own yarn, which in turn has fuelled my passion for handweaving and natural dying.

lusnameala-handwoven jo michell

My Work

Taking my inspiration from the ever changing, wild landscape and the colours that surround me, I weave contemporary pieces using time honoured techniques for you and your home.

I create my woven products on a traditional floor loom using carefully selected natural fibres, in particular lambs wool and linen. Some of these yarns I naturally dye using foraged and homegrown plants such as nettle, woad and marigold along with ethically sourced plant extracts and indigo.

handwoven natural dyeing


Sustainability is important to me and in todays fast paced, throw away world, I like to think that my handwovens will become timeless classics that will be worn and enjoyed for many years to come.


The colour and material of the scrunchies are just lovely, and the package arrived quickly
Lecron (Etsy Buyer)
Completely delighted and in awe of this scarf. The softness, the colors, the choice of weaving, everything is perfect. LusNaMeala is a very talented artist. In addition, the package arrived in perfect condition, the packaging was super simple and the little attention slipped inside was very delicate. Thank you for this great experience
Michèle (Etsy Buyer)